Nancy Vye

Professional Title
Principal Research Scientist
About Me (Bio)
Nancy Vye, Ph.D is Principal Research Scientist in the College of Education at the University of Washington. Previously, she was Co-Director of the Learning Technology Center at Vanderbilt University. Her research focuses on challenge-based learning and formative assessment in classroom settings. She is particularly interested in uses of technology for designing curricula and assessment tools that enhance teaching and learning. Vye's R & D work includes The Arts for Learning Lessons Project, an arts-integrated literacy curriculum for elementary students; The Adventures of Jasper Woodbury, a mathematics problem solving series, Schools for Thought, a technology-based, educational reform initiative; Betty's Brain, a pedagogical computer agent that teaches qualitative reasoning, and most recently, STARLegacy software that supports problem-based learning.
Northwestern University (NU)

This project will provide an empirically-supported learning progression for a key scientific practice, scientific modeling. The specific instructional materials created as part of the project can serve as a model other developers can use to design materials supporting scientific modeling and other practices. The model for educative curriculum materials as a form of teacher support can be adapted to support teacher learning about modeling or other scientific practices in other curriculum materials.

University of Washington (UW), Rockman et al

This research and development project develops and tests in the classroom three fifth-grade and two second-grade science units that combine both socio-cultural and socio-cognitive perspectives in order to more fully engage both students and teachers in authentic inquiry and tests the units in second- and fifth-grade classrooms.