What is CADRE?

CADRE is a network for STEM education researchers funded by the National Science Foundation's Discovery Research PreK-12 (DRK-12) program. Through in-person meetings, a web site, common interest groups, newsletters, and more, CADRE connects these researchers who are endeavoring to improve education in science, technology, engineering and mathematics in, and outside of, our schools.

CADRE helps DRK-12 researchers share their methods, findings, results, and products inside the research and development community and with the greater public so that we are:

  • better informed about the work that is being done,
  • continually building on what we have collectively learned,
  • working with our schools, communities, and policy-makers to make our findings and products accessible and usable, and
  • progressively able to address new and more challenging issues – including those issues that extend beyond the limits of what any singular research project can impact.

Together, we can make a larger impact on policy, research and education.

What CADRE Can Do for You

Are you a teacher, school administrator, or policy-maker?

  • Search our site for resources and information about the topics that interest you most.
  • Connect with people and projects that can help you by contacting CADRE. After learning more about your specific needs, CADRE staff will coordinate communication with the appropriate individuals and projects in our community.

Are you a prospective awardee?

Are you a researcher or developer?

  • Find a colleague with expertise you need, or projects that are similar to yours by searching our site.
  • Publicize your work by becoming a member of the site and adding presentations, publications, tools (and more!) to your project page and our resource library. Update your profile so that others can learn more about you and your work.
  • Support emerging research and developers on your project through the CADRE Fellows program.
  • Stay informed about the latest news, events, opportunities and activities that could impact your work.

Contact CADRE

Email us at cadre@edc.org