Dissemination Toolkit

Use this toolkit as a guide to disseminating your project's work. This collection of resources can be used for planning your communication & dissemination strategies or for learning more about different dissemination methods and approaches.

Communication Planning

Take time during the proposal process or at the beginning of the project to reflect on the overall goal of the project's communication. Plan ahead and be purposeful about how and when you portray and communicate your work. Visit the Project Communication Planning section to start planning your approach and timeline. If you have a specific product—an existing or planned resource, activity, event, or project milestone—to disseminate, use the Guide to Product Dissemination to help devise a plan for successfully disseminating that product. Explore additional resources and toolkits in the General Communication Resources section.

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Dissemination Methods & Approaches

CADRE has compiled resources and tips for many popular dissemination methods and approaches. Click the orange buttons below to explore these topics: 

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