Dissemination Toolkit: General Communication Resources

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Explore additional tips, resources, and toolkits on communication about research and development:

Communicating Science Effectively: A Research Agenda (2016)
This publication by the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine reviews effective approaches to science communication and offers a research agenda to guide future research.

Communicating EU Research and Innovation Guidance for Project Participants [PDF]
This publication offers tips from the EU research community on how to communicate about research and development, with examples of good practices.

Communicating Your Story
A National Science Foundation resource which includes a checklist of research accomplishments you should be sharing with NSF. It also includes information on communicating effectively, speaking to the public, and simplifying data.

Designing Educational Innovations for Sustained Adoption
An NSF-funded project developed a how-to guide and other resources that walk education developers through propogation planning for their innovation.

Exchanging Knowledge: A Research Dissemination Toolkit
Written by American University, this toolkit walks through the creation of a dissemination plan and gives tips for effective communication as well as a strategy overview.

Going Public: Writing about Research in Everyday Language [PDF]
This U.S. Department of Education report from 2014 includes guidelines for explaining complex research concepts.

Science Communication Toolkit for Principal Investigators
Advice from NSF on why you should communicate about your NSF-funded research and how.

User-Friendly Handbook for Project Dissemination: Science, Mathematics, Engineering, and Technology Education
This handbook was written by the National Science Foundation to provide principal investigators and project evaluators with a basic understanding of dissemination, as well as dissemination guidelines.