Noah Podolefsky

Professional Title
Research Associate
About Me (Bio)
I am currently a research associate with the PhET Interactive Simulations project. My work primarily involves design of and research on computer simulations for learning science. I received my Ph.D. in physics from the University of Colorado, with an emphasis on physics education research. Broadly, my research interests are on the role of analogy and representation in meaning making, and the how tools mediate student learning of science.
University of Colorado Boulder

Colorado’s PhET project and Stanford’s AAALab will develop and study learning from interactive simulations designed for middle school science classrooms. Products will include 35 interactive sims with related support materials freely available from the PhET website; new technologies to collect real-time data on student use of sims; and guidelines for the development and use of sims for this age population. The team will also publish research on how students learn from sims.