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I am a research and evaluator who helps organizations know what works and why in their educational efforts through my firm J. Sickler Consulting, LLC. For over 15 years, I have led studies that enable educators to clearly see the impacts of their work - in museums, informal settings, and K-16 classrooms. In K-12, my work has focused on the topic of data literacy, at the nexus of scientific content, critical thinking, visual literacy, and mathematical thinking - and how we can leverage students' innate curiosity and abilities to improve teaching and learning with and about data. I am a researcher with the heart and training of a teacher, holding an M.S.Ed. from Bank Street College of Education in museum education and K-6 teaching.
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Nurture Nature Center

This project will use visualizations from an easily accessible tool from NOAA, Science On a Sphere, to help students develop critical thinking skills and practices required to effectively make meaning from authentic scientific data. The project will use arts-based pedagogies for observing, analyzing, and critiquing visual features of data visualizations to build an understanding of what the data reveal. The project will work with middle school science teachers to develop tools for STEM educators to use these data visualizations effectively.