Anne Jolly

About Me (Bio)
Anne Jolly
Educational Consultant/Professional Writer

*Development, writing, and implementation of middle grades engineering curriculum.
*Design and authoring of books on facilitating professional learning teams.
*Design, implementation, and support of professional learning teams.
*Leadership training and support for school leaders and team facilitators.
*Teacher quality and teacher leadership initiatives.
*Web-based professional learning communities and online assistance.

June 2008-Present Educational Consultant and President of PLTWorks LLC
2000 – 2008: Project Director for Professional Learning Teams, SERVE Center at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro
1999 – 2000: Project Manager, Creating High Performance Classrooms: Mobile County Public Schools, Mobile, AL
1996 – 1998: State Assistance Team for Assisting Low Performing Schools, Alabama State Department of Education, Montgomery, AL
1995 – 1996: Executive Director, Alabama State Teacher Forum, Montgomery, AL
1993 – 1994: Alabama State Teacher of the Year
1983 – 1995: Science Instructor/Department Chair, Mobile County Public Schools, Mobile, AL


Science is Jolly’s area of content expertise, and she has assisted districts and schools to implement science professional learning teams by providing direct training, ongoing onsite assistance, and monitoring progress. She also works with two districts to establish professional learning teams to guide teachers of mathematics in understanding and developing appropriate instructional changes that will increase the achievement of elementary and middle level students in mathematics.

In 2004 Jolly completed a three-year appointment to the Committee on Science Education, K-12; a former standing committee of the National Research Council, National Academy of Sciences. She was also a Commissioner on The National Commission on Math and Science Teaching for the 21st Century (the Glenn Commission) and helped to develop the report, Before It's Too Late: A Report to the Nation, Jolly is currently on the Board of Directors for the Alabama Math, Science, and Technology Education Consortium and is Advisor to the Governor’s Commission on Quality Teaching in Alabama.

Jolly authors books, articles for magazines and journals, and curriculum units for the Engaging Youth in Engineering (EYE) initiative. Her most recent book, Team to Teach: A Facilitator’s Guide for Professional Learning Team: is available from the National Staff Development Council.

As President of PLTWorks LLC, Jolly researches, designs, initiates, and directs effective, job-embedded teamwork that focuses on teacher learning and accomplished teaching. She develops training and support materials, and provides both virtual and face to face coaching to help school faculties build instructional capacity and create collaborative cultures that lead to higher student achievement. She prepares and conducts Professional Learning Team workshops for hundreds of schools and districts nationwide, and is an experienced conference presenter and keynote speaker.

Jolly consults with national organizations, states, districts, and schools to design and implement Professional Learning Teams. During 2007-2008 she worked with the Center for Teaching Quality to develop effective virtual learning communities that support teacher growth and development. In Fall, 2007, she was featured in Teacher Magazine’s Teacher Professional Development Sourcebook in a lead article titled “Team-Oriented Teaching.” Jolly was also a guest expert on Education Week’s November webcast, “Building Professional Learning Communities.” Recently she was tapped by The Knowledge Works Foundation as one of 15 innovators to convene as a national think tank for influencing education strategy in the area of professional learning communities.

Publications (selected)
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Mobile Area Education Foundation (MAEF), Blue Heron STEM Education, Mobile County Public School System (MCPSS), University of South Alabama (USA)

This project is revising and field testing six existing modules and developing, pilot testing, and field testing two engineering modules for required middle school science and mathematics classes: Catch Me if You Can! with a focus on seventh grade life science; and Creating Bioplastics targeting eighth grade physical science. Each module addresses an engineering design challenge of relevance to industries in the region and fosters the development of engineering habits of mind.

University of Miami (UM)

Project staff are examining and improving elementary school teachers’ knowledge, beliefs, and practices involving their teaching of science to English language learners (ELL) within the policy context of high-stakes testing and accountability in science. The four major research and development areas are (1) teachers’ initial knowledge, beliefs, and practices; (2) professional development intervention; (3) policy contexts; and (4) change over time in teachers and ELL students.