Insight from DRK-12 CAREER Awardees

This resource contains advice from CAREER awardees in the DRK-12 portfolio about how to develop a competitive proposal and successfully manage a CAREER project based on their experience. Twenty-four DRK-12 CAREER awardees responded to the questions:

  • Based on your experience applying for a CAREER award, what advice do you have for early career researchers about developing a successful proposal?
  • Based on your experience managing a CAREER award, what advice to you have for early career researchers about successfully managing a project?

The resource captures their responses and offers a wealth of information that can help other early career researchers⁠—both prospective and recent awardees⁠—understand the realities of writing CAREER proposals and managing CAREER awards and how to develop strategies to be successful at both.

Thank you to the following awardees for sharing your experiences and advice: Laura Bofferding, Jennifer Chiu, Michelle Cirillo, Meixia Ding, Maisie Gholson, Gloriana Gonzalez, Amy Hackenberg, Frances Harper, Charles Hohensee, Jessica Hunt, Ji Yeong I, Lama Jaber, Ryan "Seth" Jones, Hosun Kang, Shakhnoza Kayumova, Melissa Luna, Marta Magiera, Eve Manz, Laurea Margulieux, Kelly Lynn Mulvey, David Purpura, Kihyun "Kelly" Ryoo, Colby Tofel-Grehl, Janet Walkoe, and William Zahner.