Supporting Teachers in Responsive Instruction for Developing Expertise in Science (Collaborative Research: Linn)

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STRIDES supports teachers to customize the curriculum to address diverse students' evolving ideas and achieve the multi-dimensional proficiency called for by the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS). STRIDES catalyzes a new approach to teachers' curriculum customization. STRIDES will improve the evidence teachers have to make customization decisions by collaborating with the Educational Testing Service (ETS) to advance natural language processing (NLP) methods. New NLP methods will generate detailed evidence of students' progress in linking NGSS identified cross-cutting concepts to form explanations of disciplinary core ideas. The STRIDES customization options will enable teachers to use research-based activities to respond to the evidence of student learning. STRIDES will guide teachers to reflect on data documenting the impact of their customization decisions on students’ learning and to modify their plans for future runs. Study of customization at multiple school sites with diverse students and teachers supports the development of flexible curriculum units and technologies that can easily be used by new teachers and schools.

Co-PI(s): Libby Gerard, University of California, Berkeley

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