Zhonghong Jiang

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Zhonghong Jiang is a professor of mathematics education at Texas State University. His research interests include the use of technology, problem solving, mathematical modeling, and the impact of these aspects on student learning and teacher preparation. His scholarship also focuses on developing instructional materials, working with students from underrepresented groups, and inservice teachers’ professional development. He writes extensively on all these issues. Over the years, he has been the principal investigator or a co-principal investigator of many grants funded by the National Science Foundation and other funding agencies.

Texas State University

This project is conducting repeated randomized control trials of an approach to high school geometry that utilizes Dynamic Geometry (DG) software and supporting instructional materials to supplement ordinary instructional practices. It compares effects of that intervention with standard instruction that does not make use of computer drawing tools.

University of Louisville (U of L)

Geometry Assessments for Secondary Teachers (GAST) represents a collaborative partnership among faculty and staff at the University of Louisville, the University of Kentucky, Florida State University, Alpine Testing Solutions, and Horizon Research, Inc. to develop a knowledge framework and assessments for secondary mathematics teachers' geometry knowledge for teaching. The framework for the assessments will be designed to collect validity evidence for predicting effective geometry teaching and improving student achievement.