Jonathan Vitale

Professional Title
Postdoctoral Scholar
About Me (Bio)
Jonathan Vitale is a postdoctoral researcher working under the direction of Marcia Linn at the Graduate School of Education at the University of California, Berkeley. Jonathan currently works to design curriculum, assessments, and research interventions for the NSF-supported project, “GRIDS: Graphing Research on Inquiry with Data in Science.” Jonathan has a background as a high school teacher, working in New York City. Following his teaching experience, Jonathan completed his Ph.D. in Cognitive Studies at Teachers College, Columbia University. For his graduate research Jonathan primarily focused on methods of combining digital tools, physical manipulatives, and gesture to help children learn mathematics. In his current role with GRIDS Jonathan is applying this experience to graphing in science, where students frequently demonstrate difficulty interpreting, constructing, and critiquing graphs representing authentic data. Jonathan hopes to continue working at the intersection of math, science, and technology in future roles as a researcher.
University of California, Berkeley (UC Berkeley)

The Graphing Research on Inquiry with Data in Science (GRIDS) project will investigate strategies to improve middle school students' science learning by focusing on student ability to interpret and use graphs. GRIDS will undertake a comprehensive program to address the need for improved graph comprehension. The project will create, study, and disseminate technology-based assessments, technologies that aid graph interpretation, instructional designs, professional development, and learning materials.