Barbara Chamberlin

Professional Title
Associate Professor, and Director of the Learning Games Lab
About Me (Bio)
Barbara Chamberlin is the Extension Instructional Design and Educational Media Specialist. Dr. Chamberlin directs the NMSU Learning Games Lab, where she researches games preferences and use, as well as new trends in computer games for education. She leads research on game development at the lab, and serves as an instructional designer on new educational projects. In addition she submits several grants each year, seeking funding for the development of educational media in many content areas. Recent projects include "Math Snacks", which are games and animations for mid-school learners, and "Science Pirates", inquiry-based exploration on national science skills.
New Mexico State University (NMSU)

This project is developing and evaluating effectiveness of 15 - 20 short computer mediated animations and games that are designed to: (1) increase students' conceptual understanding in especially problematic topics of middle grades mathematics; and (2) increase students' mathematics process skills with a focus on capabilities to think and talk mathematically.