Scientific Modeling across the K–12 Continuum: Alignment between Theoretical Foundations and Classroom Interventions

Explore methods and challenges associated with supporting and evaluating scientific modeling in K–12 classrooms in this structured poster session.


In this interactive panel symposium, presenters will draw from a set of active DR K-12 projects to explore a diverse array of resources, models, and tools (RMTs) designed to operationalize varying perspectives on scientific modeling in elementary, middle, and secondary classrooms across disciplinary domains. The goals of the session are to 1) explore and highlight alignment between conceptual perspectives on scientific modeling and RMTs being used in these projects and 2) engage in discussion - with active participant involvement - about how these examples contribute to a broader, shared understanding of scientific modeling that can advance systemic efforts to communicate about and support scientific modeling in K-12 classrooms. 

Following a framing of the overarching challenge and core questions (e.g., What is scientific modeling? What are key questions and issues in theorizing and fostering scientific modeling?), projects will provide brief overviews of their work. A moderator will then facilitate a panel discussion on the key questions and issues introduced at the beginning of the session, followed by a whole-group, facilitated reflective discussion. Finally, through significant audience feedback, the panel will highlight themes and critical next steps in efforts to communicate and foster scientific modeling.

Session Types