Infusing Engineering into Secondary-level Classes

Participants learn about approaches to infusing or integrating engineering concepts into secondary-level science classrooms and engage in an analysis of two projects’ products and outcomes.


The session will feature the experiences, outcomes, and materials from two engineering-oriented DR K-12 projects. The two projects, INFUSE and INSPIRES, use different approaches to teacher professional development with the goal of preparing science teachers to infuse or integrate engineering into their classrooms. They have both developed a unique set of materials designed to impact science and technology outcomes (working on a combination of curriculum development, professional development, and research). These include an engineering concept inventory, an innovation configuration map designed to assess a range of curriculum elements and pedagogical practices, engineering infused lessons, and preliminary research outcomes. In this session, participants will compare and contrast the two approaches, examine the products and outcomes, and engage in an analysis and critique of each component.

Session Types