A Grand Opportunity: Synergy and Interoperability Across Educational Games and Simulations

Join this lively, interactive discussion examining the opportunities for coordinating work in games and simulations. Discuss and plan embedding, data capture/analytics, customization, and more!

2014 Session Types
Collaborative Panel Session

The advent of today’s widespread educational technology presents some new and exciting opportunities. Models and simulations can be easily embedded in other content. Research is exploring the use of simulations and games for novel assessment purposes. Technologies—especially HTML5 technologies—are making formerly unprecedented learning possible. This moment is unique, and as educational designers and researchers, we should be making the most of it and ensure that our work is aligned for maximum synergy.

What if it were possible to drop a simulation into your learning environment as easily as you can embed a YouTube video? What if you could design a learning analytics dashboard that could automatically access data from hundreds of educational games and simulations? Or pipe data from your new simulations into a graphing environment with just a few lines of code? We’re on the verge of these possibilities and many more—all we need to do now is understand the needs and use cases, and come to some basic agreements.

Join the PhET Interactive Simulations project and The Concord Consortium for a lively, interactive discussion. Bring your vision, cases, experiences, and challenges. Technology designers, as well as the broader community of users and researchers who would leverage new capabilities, are encouraged to attend.