Proposal Development Resources

A collection of resources for developing a research agenda and applying for funding.

Research Agenda

Ten Tips for Developing a Programmatic Line of Research
In this column for the Association for Psychological Science, Inna Arnaudova provides ideas and suggestions, gathered from experience, for creating a coherent line of experimental research while in graduate school.

Creating a Research Agenda
Justin Reedy and Madhavi Murty explain how to create and advance your research agenda as a graduate student in this resource from the University of Washington.

Planning your Research Agenda
UMass Dartmouth offers tips for developing and sustaining your research agenda in ways that contribute to larger conversations in your field.

Old Advice for New Researchers
Richard E. Mayer offers advice to new researchers on how to conduct a successful research project, including creating a research question, research methodology, and dissemination plan in this article for Educational Psychology Review.


Where to Search for Funding
Science staff compiled a list of places you can search for information on funding programs.

National Science Foundation Directorate for Education and Human Resource (EHR)
A list of programs in the EHR directorate at the National Science Foundation.

STEM Education Funders
Inside Philanthropy provides a list of funders in the field of STEM education.

Proposal Writing

10 Tips for Successful Grant Writing
In this ChronicleVitae article, Lisa Chasan-Taber explains what early career researchers need to know about proposal writing and how to draft a proposal that has the best odds of getting funded.

Academic careers: How to get grants
Rebecca A. Clay provides insights to increase your chances of getting the funding you need for your research in this article for the American Psychological Association.

Art of Grantsmanship
In this article for the Human Frontier Science Program, Jack Kraicer provides guidelines on preparing grant applications from the moment of conception to submitting the final proposal.

Grant Writing Links and Resources
The UC Davis Office of Academic Affairs provides information to assist faculty with understanding the fundamental components of a proposal, networking with potential granting agencies, and learning about available resources.

Grant Proposals (or Give me the money!)
The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill's Writing Center offers advice to help graduate students and faculty write and revise grant proposals for research funding in all academic disciplines.

Early-career Perspectives: What I Learned About Grant Writing as a Peer Reviewer for Foundation Grants
In this blog for the American Association for Cancer Research, Angela Alexander reflects on her experience as a reviewer and shares lessons, both positive and negative, that will inform her grant writing going forward.

How to Write a Grant That Will Get Funded
In this American Journal Experts article, Ben Mudrak shares grant writing tips from successful US professors to help improve your chances of getting funded.

Reflections on Applying for an NSF CAREER Grant
In this blog post, Teomara Rutherford reflects on her experience and offers advice for developing an NSF CAREER proposal.

Four Tips for Applying to NSF's CAREER Program
Vincent Tedjasaputra offers four tips from a CAREER program director to help applicants build successful proposals.

On the Art of Writing Proposals
Adam Pzreworski and Frank Salomon discuss the unspoken customs, norms, and needs that govern the selection process in this Social Science Research Council guide.

Writing the Broader Impacts Section of Your Research Proposal
Stanford University offers important tips on writing the broader impacts section required of most research proposals.

ARC-REESE Criteria & Guidelines for Rating the Methodological Rigor of Educational Research in STEM
This guide from the Center for Advancing Research and Communication describes criteria for assessing methodological rigor in STEM education research.

Sample Templates

Sample Awarded Proposal Templates
This resource from the University of Texas at San Antonio includes a collection of sample templates from successful NSF proposals.

Sample NSF Budget Justification
Sample NSF budget justification from Clark University.

Budget Justification Example
Example budget justification with instructions from East Carolina University.

Writing Compelling Proposals for EHR Funding in Science Teacher Education
Slides from a presentation by NSF program directors that provide an overview of the EHR funding programs and how to find the right one for your project.