Proposal Development Resources

A collection of resources for developing a research agenda and applying for funding.

Research Agenda

Creating a Research Agenda
Justin Reedy and Madhavi Murty, University of Washington | n.d.

Developing a Research Agenda
Milena A. Keller-Margulis, Society for the Study of School Psychology | 2018

Old Advice for New Researchers
Richard E. Mayer, Educational Psychology Review | 2007

People, Passion, Publishable: An Early Career Researcher’s Checklist for Prioritizing Projects
Elizabeth Tenney, Jacqueline Chen, and McKenzie Preston, Nature | 2024

Posing Fundable Questions in Mathematics and Science Education
K. D. King, R. J. Ochsendorf, G. E. A. Solomon, and F. C. Sloane, International Journal of Science and Mathematics Education | 2020

Ten Tips for Developing a Programmatic Line of Research
Inna Arnaudova, Association for Psychological Science | 2014


Programs: Directorate for STEM Education (EDU)
National Science Foundation | n.d.

STEM Education Funders
Inside Philanthropy | n.d.

Where to Search for Funding
Science | n.d.

Proposal Writing

10 Tips for Successful Grant Writing
Lisa Chasan-Taber, The Chronicle of Higher Education | 2018

Academic Careers: How to Get Grants
Rebecca A. Clay, American Psychological Association | 2018

Applying for NSF CAREER Blog Series: Structure of an NSF Application; Lessons Learned from NSF Reviewing; CAREER-Specific Advice
Lauren Margulieux, Georgia State University | 2023

ARC-REESE Criteria & Guidelines for Rating the Methodological Rigor of Educational Research in STEM
Center for Advancing Research and Communication in STEM | n.d.

Broader Impacts Toolkit
Stanford University | 2019

Early Career Perspectives: What I Learned About Grant Writing as a Peer Reviewer for Foundation Grants
Angela Alexander, American Association for Cancer Research | 2016

Grant Proposal Writing Links and Resources
Suad Joseph, University of California, Davis | n.d.

Grant Proposals (Or Give Me the Money!)
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill | n.d.

How to Write a Grant That Will Get Funded
Ben Mudrak, American Journal Experts | 2017

NSF 101: Four Tips for Applying to NSF's CAREER Program
Vincent Tedjasaputra, Science Matters Blog | 2020

On the Art of Writing Proposals
Adam Pzreworski and Frank Salomon, Social Science Research Council | 1998 

Reflections on Applying for an NSF CAREER Grant
Teomara Rutherford | n.d.

Tips for Writing More Fundable Grants
Betty S. Lai, Inside Higher Ed | 2024

Sample Templates

National Science Foundation (NSF) Templates
Illinois Institute of Technology | n.d.

Preparing Your Proposal
National Science Foundation | n.d.

Proposal Samples
University of South Florida | n.d.