Networking Resources

A collection of resources related to building and maintaining professional networks.

Networking 101

20 way to network that don’t feel like networking
Allison Jones explains ways to build and nurture your network to create long-term professional relationships in this article for Idealist Careers.

6 networking tips that work for me
Sophia Donaldson shares networking tips for academics in this blog for University College London Careers.

7 Networking Tips for Introverts, Extroverts, and the Socially Awkward
In this article, Christina DesMarais offers key tactics for making important connections whether you love networking or hate it.

How to make the most of academic conferences – five tips
Jeannie Holstein shares some advice on how best to prepare, perform, and network at an academic conference in this Guardian article.

Elevator Pitch

The elevator pitch: presenting your research in conversation
Matthew Capdevielle, Ralf Bendlin, and Gretchen Busl explain how to talk about your research when you meet someone new.

How to Craft the Perfect Elevator Pitch
In this HubSpot blog post, Corey Wainwright provides tips for crafting and delivering an effective elevator pitch.

5 Secrets for Crafting the Perfect Elevator Pitch
Peter Economy shares secrets for getting the elevator pitch right in this article.

Informational Interviews

Informational Interviews
UC Hastings College of the Law gives advice for scheduling and conducting informational interviews.

Maximize your informational interview investment
David G. Jensen gives some pointers for setting the right tone and developing powerful questions for a successful informational interview in this article for Science Magazine.

3 Steps to a Perfect Informational Interview
In this article for The Muse, Lily Zhang describes a process for conducting informational interviews that will make a great impression and get you the advice you need.

15 Helpful Questions to ask in an Informational Interview
Columbia University Center for Career Education offers sample key questions to help you navigate your conversation.

Networking: Questions to Ask
Harvard Law School provides a list of questions to consider when networking with individuals or potential employers.

A Simple Email Template for Landing Informational Interviews
Mac's List outlines steps to take when asking for an informational interview that will increase your chances of landing the meeting.

Email and Social Media

Introducing: The Email Template That’ll Get You a Meeting With Anyone You Ask
In this Muse article, Aja Frost breaks down her "ask" email and explains how to make it your own.

Sample Networking Emails and Thank You Notes
Harvard Law School provides sample email templates for initial networking contacts and requests for informational interviews.

Social Media for Academics and Early Career Researchers: An Interview with Dr. Mark Carrigan
In this article, Maria Tsapali and Tanya M. Paes interview Dr. Mark Carrigan and discuss how to use social media to create an academic identity, promote your work, generate impact, and engage the public.

The A to Z of social media for academia
Any Miah offers a definitive guide to using social and creative media as an academic.

Social Media Platforms for Academics, A Breakdown of the Networks
In this blog post, Jennifer van Alstyne breaks down the big social media platforms and what they are used for.

7 tips to supercharge your academic LinkedIn profile
Impactstory gives easy hacks to turn LinkedIn into a powerful tool for scholarly visibility and networking.

The 31 Best LinkedIn Profile Tips for Job Seekers
The Muse lists expert-backed ways to make your profile shine and get noticed by recruiters.

99 Serious Twitter Tips for Academics
Best College Online provides tips and tricks that can help you take the first steps towards using Twitter for coursework, research, building a professional network, and beyond.

Can Social Media Get You a Job?
Sophia Donaldson shares a few things to keep in mind for maximising the career-potential of social media in this University College London Careers blog.

Using Social Media to Effectively Promote Your Research
This Enago Academy article offers tips for choosing the right platform and using social media to promote your work.

How to Make an Academic Website
Jennifer van Alstyne walks through the steps for creating a personal academic website.

Personal Branding

Branding Yourself As An Academic
In this ChronicleVitae article, Kelli Marshall discusses the benefits of developing an online academic brand.

Academic Self-Branding
Eileen Hoenigman Meyer shares how to create the basis for your personal brand and pitfalls to avoid in this article for HigherEdJobs.

Three Personal Branding Secrets for Academics
Erik Deckers reveals personal branding secrets you can use in higher education in this post for Personal Branding Blog.

How to Manage Your Online Presence in Academia
Jennifer van Alstyne at the Academic Designer provides a getting-started guide for academics on managing your online presence.

Building a Professional Community

Authentic Networking: 9 questions to ask to discover who’s in your network
In this Idealist Careers article, Hannah Kane explains how to figure out who is missing from your professional network and how to strengthen your weak ties.

Don’t Just Network - Build Your ‘Meaningful Network’ to Maximize Your Impact
Mike Steib offers a detailed take on how to turn strangers into valuable and cherished connections in this First Round Review article.

Authentic Networking: How to Active and Strengthen Your Network
Hannah Kane shares tips on how to engage your network when you’re job seeking and how to invest in your network when you’re not in this Idealist Careers article.

How Leaders Create and Use Networks
Herminia Ibarra and Mark Lee Hunter describe different forms of networking and provide tips for getting results in this Harvard Business Review article.

You Need a Community, Not a Network
In this article for the Harvard Business Review, Brook Manville explains the importance of developing a professional community.

Peer Support

Peer Support, All Aboard!
Ana Kedveš explains how peer support can help you stay on track and make your PhD journey more rewarding in this blog post for PhD Life.

Strategies for understanding and navigating the “academic underlife”
Laura Bisaillon and Joan Eakin provide strategies for navigating the informal, unstated, and ambiguous practices in academia in this University Affairs article.

This is how grad students of color are sharing their stories and building community to motivate and inspire
In this Medium article, Blk + in Grad School features students of color who are creating content and community that sheds light on their experiences in academia.

How to Be an Ally to New Minority Scholars
For this Chronicle of Higher Education article, W. Brad Johnson offers strategies for white faculty members who are mentoring new minority colleagues.

Accomplices in the Academy in the Age of Black Lives Matter
In this article for Journal of Critical Thought and Praxis, Jessica Powell and Amber Kelly aim to provide a framework for moving conversations around race and justice forward and examples of accomplice work in scholarship, teaching, and service.

Scholars Under Attack
Eric Anthony Grollman proposes a strategy for supporting fellow scholars who become targets of online attacks in this Inside Higher Ed article.

Maintaining Your Network

How to Build and Maintain a Professional Network
In this article for The Balance Careers, Dawn Rosenberg McKay explains how to expand, maintain, and use your network effectively.

7 Ways to Maintain Your Professional Network Without Annoying Your Contacts
In this Fast Company article, Rachel Grumman Bender gives simple tips to keep your name on your contacts’ radar regularly but unobtrusively.

How to Maintain Your Professional Network Over the Years
Rebecca Knight discusses strategies for maintaining ties with your professional contacts in this Harvard Business Review article.

Simple Ways to Keep Your Network from Growing Cold
Chloe Mason Gray lays out an action plan for making sure your connections don't go to waste in this Muse article.


Making Academic Collaboration Work
This guide is for early career scholars considering cross-disciplinary collaborative work in an academic setting.

A brief guide to research collaboration for the young scholar
In this Elsevier guide, Aijaz A. Shaikh provides tips for working with other scholars early in your career. 

Ten rules for successful research collaboration
Robyn Keast and Michael Charles discuss how to know when it’s appropriate to collaborate and how to make the relationship work in this article for The Conversation.

Five tips to make the most of your academic collaborations
Priyanka Kalra explains the basic components of successful research collaboration step by step in this Elsevier article.

A career in research: Tips for running your own research group
This Wellcome guide is designed to support senior postdocs and other early career researchers by offering tips on shifting from being a member of someone else's research group and leading your own.