Networking Resources

A collection of resources related to building and maintaining professional networks.

Networking 101

6 Networking Tips That Work for Me
Sophia Donaldson, University College London | 2015

7 Networking Tips for Introverts, Extroverts, and the Socially Awkward
Christina DesMarais, | 2014

20 Ways to Network That Don’t Feel Like Networking
Allison Jones, Idealist | 2014

How to Make the Most of Academic Conferences – Five Tips
Jeannie Holstein, The Guardian | 2013

Elevator Pitch

5 Secrets for Crafting the Perfect Elevator Pitch
Peter Economy, | 2016

How to Craft the Perfect Elevator Pitch
Corey Wainwright, HubSpot | 2021

The Elevator Pitch: Presenting Your Research in Conversation
Matthew Capdevielle, Ralf Bendlin, and Gretchen Busl, University of Notre Dame | n.d.

Informational Interviews

3 Steps to a Perfect Informational Interview
Lily Zhang, The Muse | 2020

A Simple Email Template for Landing Informational Interviews
Mac Prichard, Mac's List | n.d.

Helpful Questions to Ask in an Informational Interview
Columbia University, n.d.

Maximize Your Informational Interview Investment
David G. Jensen, Science | 2016

Email and Social Media

7 Tips to Supercharge Your Academic LinkedIn Profile
Impactstory | 2014

How to Make an Academic Website
Jennifer van Alstyne, The Academic Designer | 2023

Introducing: The Email Template That’ll Get You a Meeting With Anyone You Ask
Aja Frost, The Muse | 2020

Social Media for Academics and Early Career Researchers: An Interview with Dr. Mark Carrigan
Maria Tsapali and Tanya M. Paes, Cambridge Open-Review Educational Research e-Journal | 2018

Social Media in Academia Blog Series
Anne-Wil Harzing, | 2020

Social Media Platforms for Academics, A Breakdown of the Networks
Jennifer van Alstyne, The Academic Designer | 2019

The 31 Best LinkedIn Profile Tips for Job Seekers
Regina Borsellino, The Muse | 2021

The A to Z of Social Media for Academia
Andy Miah, Times Higher Education | 2019

Using Social Media to Effectively Promote Your Research
Enago Academy | 2019

Personal Branding

Academic Self-Branding
Eileen Hoenigman Meyer, HigherEdJobs | 2016

Branding Yourself As An Academic
Kelli Marshall, The Chronicle of Higher Education | 2017

How to Manage Your Online Presence in Academia
Jennifer van Alstyne, The Academic Designer | 2020

Building a Professional Community

Authentic Networking: 9 Questions to Ask to Discover Who’s in Your Network
Hannah Kane, Idealist | 2013

Authentic Networking: How to Active and Strengthen Your Network
Hannah Kane, Idealist | 2013

Don’t Just Network - Build Your ‘Meaningful Network’ to Maximize Your Impact
Mike Steib, First Round Review | n.d.

How Leaders Create and Use Networks
Herminia Ibarra and Mark Lee Hunter, Harvard Business Review | 2007

The Incalculable Benefits of an Advisory Network
Anne Meyer-Miner, Inside Higher Ed | 2024

You Need a Community, Not a Network
Brook Manville, Harvard Business Review | 2014

Peer Support

A Guide for First-Generation, Working-Class Graduate Students
Lauren Harvey, Insider Higher Ed | 2023

Accomplices in the Academy in the Age of Black Lives Matter
Jessica Powell and Amber Kelly, Journal of Critical Thought and Praxis | 2017

Community Support for First-Generation Graduate Students
Arnaldo Diaz Vazquez and Natalie Lundsteen, Insider Higher Ed | 2021

Creating Community Among Grad Students
Ryan S.C. Wong and Bayleigh Smith, Insider Higher Ed | 2023

How to Be an Ally to New Minority Scholars
W. Brad Johnson, The Chronicle of Higher Education | 2017

Ensuring Underrepresented Grad Students’ Well-Being
Dinuka Gunaratne and Punita Lumb, Insider Higher Ed | 2023

Peer Support, All Aboard!
Ana Kedveš, PhD Life | 2016

Scholars Under Attack
Eric Anthony Grollman, Inside Higher Ed | 2015

Strategies for Understanding and Navigating the “Academic Underlife”
Laura Bisaillon and Joan Eakin, University Affairs | 2014

This is How Grad Students of Color Are Sharing Their Stories and Building Community to Motivate and Inspire
Blk + in Grad School, Medium | 2018

Why Peer Mentors Are Crucial for Women in STEM
Rebecca Coglianese, Insider Higher Ed | 2023

Maintaining Your Network

7 Ways to Maintain Your Professional Network Without Annoying Your Contacts
Rachel Grumman Bender, Fast Company | 2016

How to Build and Maintain a Professional Network
Dawn Rosenberg McKay, The Balance | 2019

How to Maintain Your Professional Network Over the Years
Rebecca Knight, Harvard Business Review | 2016

Simple Ways to Keep Your Network from Growing Cold
Chloé Gray, The Muse | 2020


A Brief Guide to Research Collaboration for the Young Scholar
Aijaz A. Shaikh, Elsevier | 2015

A Career in Research: Tips for Running Your Own Research Group
Wellcome | 2018

Five Tips to Make the Most of Your Academic Collaborations
Priyanka Kalra, Elsevier | 2018

Making Academic Collaboration Work
Christopher John Ferguson and Kate Maxwell, | n.d.

Ten Rules for Successful Research Collaboration
Robyn Keast and Michael B. Charles, The Conversation | 2016