Tamra Carpenter

Professional Title
Research Professor
About Me (Bio)
I am currently Research Professor at the Center for Discrete Math and Theoretical Computer Science (DIMACS) at Rutgers University. My role is to facilitate new and ongoing research and education programs at DIMACS and to assist in their general planning, management, and administration. Prior to joining Rutgers, I was Senior Scientist and Director of the Network Models and Algorithms Research Group at Telcordia Technologies. There, I managed a research group, conducted research, interfaced with customers, and led projects on various network modeling and optimization.
Rutgers University (RU), Colorado State University (CSU)

This Exploratory Project is developing two prototype innovative instructional modules for grades 9-12 modules, and testing them extensively for usability and impact. These modules will emphasize the role of mathematics and computer science in planning for sustainability.

Rutgers University (RU)

The project will develop modules for grades 9-12 that integrate mathematics, computing and science in sustainability contexts. The project materials also include information about STEM careers in sustainability to increase the relevancy of the content for students and broaden their understanding of STEM workforce opportunities. It uses summer workshops to pilot test materials and online support and field testing in four states. 

Rutgers University (RU), Colorado State University (CSU), Hobart and William Smith Colleges (HWS)

This project is developing and testing a set of 12 curriculum modules designed to engage high school students and their teachers in the process of applying computational concepts and methods to problem solving in a variety of scientific contexts. The project perspective is that computational thinking can be usefully thought of as a specialized form of mathematical modeling.