Kirstin Busch

Professional Title
PhD Candidate, Research Assistant
About Me (Bio)
K.C. Busch is a PhD candidate in science education at Stanford University. Currently, K.C. is researching how teachers and students communicate about climate change in the classroom to improve science education. She earned an MA in science education from the University of Texas in Austin and a BS in ecology from Iowa State University. She has twelve years of formal science teaching experience in secondary schools in Austin, Texas, as well as two years of informal environmental education experience in Africa with the Peace Corps and Nevada with the National Park Service.
Stanford University

This project is studying three models of professional development (PD) to test the efficacy of a practicum for grade 3-5 in-service teachers organized in three cohorts of 25. There will be 75 teachers and their students directly impacted by the project. Additional impacts of the project are research results and professional development materials, including a PD implementation guide and instructional videos.