Josie Melton

Professional Title
Instructor - Science, Math, and Technology Education
About Me (Bio)
Josie Melton is an instructor of Elementary Science Education courses in the Science, Math, and Technology Education (SMATE) program and a research associate at Western Washington University. Josie is currently a doctoral candidate at the University of British Columbia, studying Science Education in the Department of Curriculum and Pedagogy. Josie’s dissertation research explores incorporating a sense of wonder in elementary classrooms and how re-connecting with a sense
of wonder might influence preservice teachers’ attitudes and ideas about teaching science.
Western Washington University (WWU)

This project seeks to better understand how teachers' capacity and willingness to customize instructional approaches to meet standards and the needs of diverse student populations develops through initial practice and successive enactments of curriculum materials. This work will address current gaps in the literature and contribute to an overall understanding of how teachers develop the capacity to use curricula in ways that advance the goal of equitable science instruction.

Western Washington University (WWU)

This project is conducting a longitudinal study of the effects of a pre-service elementary science education.  Through overlapping studies on the pre-service teachers (PSTs) and in-service teachers who are graduates of the program, this project is seeking to analyze the impact of three essential dimensions of teacher preparation: inquiry-based science content courses, science methods/practicum courses, and k-12 mentor teachers.