Joseph Polman

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Associate Professor
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Joseph L. Polman, Ph.D. is an associate professor of educational technology at the University of Missouri-St. Louis, where he also serves as associate director of the College of Education's E. Desmond Lee Technology & Learning Center, and chair of the Division of Teaching and Learning. He is interested in how people learn science and history through inquiry and with the support of technology, both in schools and in community-based settings. He has published a book, "Designing Project-Based Science: Connecting Learners through Guided Inquiry," as well as numerous research papers and curriculum materials based on his work in these areas. He serves as Principal Investigator of the "Scientific Literacy through Science Journalism" DR-K12 NSF grant.
Concord Consortium

This project is working to develop, implement, and research the introduction of data experiences and practices into a series of interdisciplinary, middle school project-based learning modules. The project examines how interdisciplinary data education can provide opportunities for students to take more control of their own learning and develop positive identities related to data, through integration with social studies and science topics. Curriculum modules and teaching resources produced by the project serve as guides for subsequent efforts at integrating data science concepts into teaching and learning in various subject areas.

University of Missouri-St. Louis

This project aims to develop, pilot, and evaluate a model of instruction that advances the scientific literacy of high school students by involving them in science journalism, and to develop research tools for assessing scientific literacy and engagement. We view scientific literacy as public understanding of and engagement with science and technology, better enabling people to make informed science-related decisions in their personal lives, and participate in science-related democratic debates in public life.