Denisse Thompson


Professional Title: 
Professor of Mathematics Education
About Me (Bio): 
Denisse R. Thompson, Ph.D. (University of Chicago), is Professor of Mathematics Education at the University of South Florida where she has been on the faculty since 1990. She is the author or co-author of 17 books, over 25 book chapters, and over 50 journal articles, and has served as the monograph series editor for the Association of Mathematics Teacher Educators. She has presented at over 100 conferences, including the International Congress on Mathematics Education, annual and regional meetings of the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics, and the East Asia Regional Conference on Mathematics Education. In 2004, she was named the Kenneth Kidd Mathematics Educator of the Year from the Florida Council of Teachers of Mathematics, and is served as Vice-President of College as well as President of that organization. She has also been involved with the University of Chicago School Mathematics Project in various capacities since 1985, serving as an author on the first and second editions of Advanced Algebra, as an editor for Precalculus and Discrete Mathematics (a text for which she conducted an evaluation for her dissertation), as an author of technical reports for the second edition evaluation studies, and most recently as the Director of Evaluation for the third editions of the secondary materials.
University of South Florida (USF)

The University of South Florida is hosting a conference on Research on the Enacted K-12 Mathematics Curriculum. The purpose of the conference is to explicate the theory on mathematics curriculum enactment, defining key constructs and explaining how they are expected to interact, and why, in order to facilitate the systematic accumulation of knowledge about mathematics curriculum enactment that can guide policy and practice.