Daniel Hanley

Professional Title
Director of Educational Research and Evaluation
About Me (Bio)
Dan has a joint Ph.D. in Research/Evaluation Methodology and Educational Psychology from the University of Colorado, Boulder. He currently directs an educational research and evaluation team at Western Washington University (WWU), and is the PI of a three-million dollar NSF grant that is examining how WWU prepares elementary teachers to teach science. Over the past 15 years, Dan has developed and conducted studies and evaluations for numerous organizations, including the National Science Foundation, Washington State OSPI, Washington State Higher Education Coordinating Board, the Navy, and the Colorado Department of Education. In 2000-2001, Dan was the recipient of a prestigious Fulbright Scholarship, where he examined Norway’s system of school-based evaluation.
Western Washington University (WWU)

The fundamental purpose of this project is to examine and gather initial validity evidence for assessments designed to measure and build kindergarten-fifth grade science teachers' content knowledge for teaching (CKT) about matter and its interactions in teacher education settings.

Western Washington University (WWU)

This project is conducting a longitudinal study of the effects of a pre-service elementary science education.  Through overlapping studies on the pre-service teachers (PSTs) and in-service teachers who are graduates of the program, this project is seeking to analyze the impact of three essential dimensions of teacher preparation: inquiry-based science content courses, science methods/practicum courses, and k-12 mentor teachers.