Carlos LopezLeiva

Professional Title
Assistant Professor
About Me (Bio)
Carlos A. LópezLeiva is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Language, Literacy, and Sociocultural Studies at the University of New Mexico, whose research concerns how the social dimension of learning mediates Latina/o students’ identities as bilingual doers of mathematics. For this purpose, LópezLeiva promotes and studies the integration of mathematics with other fields (e.g., engineering, science, literature), mathematization and modeling processes, as well as the learning and teaching of mathematics in formal and informal settings.
Michigan State University (MSU)

This project involves designing, facilitating, and studying professional development (PD) to support equitable mathematics education. The PD will involve grades 4-8 mathematics teachers across three sites to support the design of a two-week institute focused on enhancing access and agency in relationship to important math practices, followed by ongoing interactions for the math teachers to engage in systematic inquiry of their practice over time to facilitate equitable mathematics teaching and learning in their classrooms.