A Three-Part Synchronous Online Model for Middle Grade Mathematics Teachers’ Professional Development

In this chapter, we describe a three-part fully online model for the professional development of middle school mathematics teachers. While the model could be applied to any context, we created it for rural mathematics teachers to provide them access to high-quality professional development and to demonstrate that we could move face-to-face experiences to an online context without losing interactional qualities or intellectual rigor. We describe the model and how we researched it. This chapter contributes to understanding how online contexts provide opportunities to collect and analyze data in ways that would be difficult to accomplish in face-to-face settings.

Choppin, J., Amador, J., Callard, C., Carson, C., Gillespie, R., Kruger, J., Martin, S., & Foster, G. (2021). A three-part synchronous online model for middle grades mathematics teachers' professional development. In K. Hollebrands, R. Anderson, & K. Oliver (Eds.), Online Learning in Mathematics Education. (pp. 167-186). Springer.