Teaching Earth and Environmental Science using Model-Evidence Link Diagrams

High-quality science education is essential for students to become scientifically literate. Model-Evidence Link (MEL) diagrams and build-a-MEL (baMEL) diagrams are instructional scaffolds that create an opportunity for students to build scientific understanding through the evaluation of the connections between evidence and alternative explanations of a scientific phenomenon. The MELs and baMELs allow for a natural incorporation of three-dimensional learning that has been recommended by the Next Generation Science Standards to enhance students’ comprehension. Through this science teaching methodology, students are able to see that by diagramming and then writing about one’s thoughts about the connections between evidence and explanations, one can deepen their understanding of scientific concepts.

Colfax, E., Matewos, A., & Bailey, J. M. (2020). Teaching Earth and environmental science using Model-Evidence Link Diagrams. The Earth Scientist, 36(3), 31-37.