Synchronous Online Video-based Professional Development for Rural Mathematics Coaches

In this project, we have designed, implemented, and started to research an innovative fully online video-based professional development model for mathematics coaches in rural contexts. Coaches in rural areas often lack access to professional development available in more populated areas, fueling the need for an online model that bridges geographic barriers (Howley & Howley, 2005; Maher & Prescott, 2017). The intent of the poster will be to share the professional development model and describe the research processes that are currently in progress.

Amador, J., Choppin, J., Callard, C., Carson, C., & Gillespie, R. (2021). Synchronous online video-based professional development for rural mathematics coaches. Proceedings for the 43rd annual Meeting of the North American Chapter of the International Group for the Psychology of Mathematics Education, Philadelphia (pp. 754-755).