Model of Research-based Education (MORE) for Science Teacher Preparation

This article summarizes how a group of undergraduate regional university faculty built a program for rigorous and research-based science teacher preparation at the elementary level—namely, the “Model of Research-Based Education for Teachers” (MORE for Teachers). First, we discuss the research upon which the program is built: (1) a preparation infrastructure that includes rigorous content, focused teaching methods, and integrated field experiences with an emphasis on quality mentoring from cooperating teachers and (2) a conceptual framework for how people learn science. Next, we describe how our science teacher education program is grounded in these two research-driven strands. The article concludes with a description of a 5-year longitudinal study, funded by the National Science Foundation, that is researching the impact of these components of effective science teacher preparation.

Miller, M., Ohana, C., and Hanley, D. (2013). Model of Research-based Education (MORE) for Science Teacher Preparation. Teacher Education and Practice. Volume 26, No. 4.