Mathematics and Science Teacher Educators' Use of Representations of Practice: A Mixed Methods Study

This study sought to explore math and science teacher educators' use of various media to represent practice within methods courses. There is little understanding of why certain media is used over other representations and the rationale for these choices. Specifically, the study focused on the prevalence and familiarity of teacher educators with comics and animations, standard videos, and 360 videos. This mixed methods study utilized a survey and interviews to ascertain math and science teacher educators' level of familiarity and perceived usefulness of representations of practice. Results indicate that standard video is by far the most used representation of practice in methods classes with three themes explaining this finding: access to representations of practice, dimensions of representation, and pertinacity of using representations. Familiarity with representations of practice relates to teacher educators' perceptions of access thereby indicating a need for teacher educators to have better access to representations. Implications of this study include supporting current literature about the relationship between the level of familiarity and perceived usefulness in media along with the potential need for a central platform that houses these representations of practice resources for teacher educators.

Austin, C. K., Kosko, K. W., & Heisler, J. L. (2023). Mathematics and science teacher educators' use of representations of practice: A mixed methods study. School Science and Mathematics, 123(1), 14-25.