Intersections of Teacher Noticing and Culturally Sustaining Pedagogy: A Conceptual Framework to Inform the Design of Teacher Learning

Teacher noticing scholars are just beginning to explore how to support noticing that is responsive to students' cultural resources. The theoretical basis of the teacher noticing literature affords scholars a range of paths for understanding student resources, only some of which are described in the literature. In this article, we offer a conceptual model showing how the theoretical roots related to teacher noticing and responsive teaching (N/RT) are closely aligned with theories foundational to culturally sustaining pedagogy (CSP). We then offer an illustration of teachers participating in a video club specifically designed to support noticing students' disciplinary thinking in science—and show how the teachers' talk positioned them to see the cultural foundations of student learning, a perspective that lays the groundwork for teachers to teach in culturally sustaining ways. With an eye to developing future designs of video clubs that highlight disciplinary thinking in both mathematics and science alongside cultural resources—and the intersections therein—in this article, we begin the foundational work of better understanding the theoretical connections across both cultural and disciplinary ways of seeing, knowing, and responding.

Luna, M. J., Bernstein, M., & Walkoe, J. D. K. (2023). Intersections of teacher noticing and culturally sustaining pedagogy: A conceptual framework to inform the design of teacher learning. School Science and Mathematics.