Innovative Research Approaches to Mathematics Teacher Noticing

In recent years, teacher noticing has gained prominence as a theoretical construct in mathematics education, highlighting the dynamic, situational aspects of teaching that underlie instructional decisions and actions. This research forum explores innovative research approaches to teacher noticing in mathematics education, focusing on four key areas: theoretical perspectives and conceptualizations of teacher noticing, methodological approaches to the study of teacher noticing, teachers’ professional learning of noticing, and new research directions in teacher noticing.

Kaiser, G., Scheiner, T., Ayalon, M., Kosko, K. W., Kersting, N. B., Ferandez, C., Superfine, A. C., Walkoe, J., Bastian, A., Hoth, J., Lorrain, M., Yang, X., & Choy, B. H. (2023). Innovative research approaches to mathematics teacher noticing. In M. Ayalon, B. Koichu, R. Leikin, L. Rubel, & M. Tabach (Eds.), Proceedings of the 46th Conference of the International Group for the Psychology of Mathematics Education (Vol. 1, pp. 103–133). PME.