Conceptualizing a Shared Definition and Future Directions for Extended Reality (XR) in Teacher Education

Scholarship on extended reality (XR) in teacher education is emerging at an increasing rate. As additional forms of XR become more common in the profession, there is a need for teacher educators to consider how the various forms of XR-based representations of practice are conceptualized. The papers in this special issue of JTATE on XR in teacher education each define XR in similar ways, but often with different terminology. In this editorial, we note how such definitions are characteristic of much of the good scholarship on XR in teacher education. With this in mind, this editorial focuses on how the field may begin to consider defining XR within the boundaries of perceptual capacity—a concept that align with definitions in various other professional fields and with theory and practice in teacher education.

Kosko, K. W., Ferdig, R. E., & Roche, L. (2021). Editorial: Conceptualizing a shared definition and future directions for extended reality (XR) in teacher education. Journal of Technology and Teacher Education, 29(3), 257-278.