1. Who can become a member of the website? Any member of a DR K-12 project can join the site. Principal Investigators are automatically registered and do not need to create a new account. All other project staff (co-PIs, evaluators, etc.) may become a member of the site by clicking, "Login" on the homepage, “Create a new account”, and filling in the appropriate fields.

2. What is my username?  Typically (if you were preregistered), your username is your first and last name.  For ex. “Jane Doe”.

3. Should I become a member of the website? You should only become a member of the site if you are on a DR K-12 project. As a member, you are able to manage  the information on your project page(s), add resources and events, and more.

4. How do I add a member to my project? We recommend emailing cadre@edc.org to add a member. Include their name, email, organization, project affiliation and role on the project.

5.What is your profile? Use your profile to provide information about yourself to other site visitors (e.g. researchers and educators).There is a place to provide a bio, your contact information, etc. 

6. How can I get in touch with CADRE or NSF? Email us at cadre@edc.org or visit the NSF & DR K-12 web page for NSF contact information.

7.  Why would I want to get in touch with CADRE team? CADRE staff can help you make connections with people doing work with a particular focus, methodology, target audience, etc. CADRE will help you add information about your project and products to the website. We also invite you to send information about presentations, publications, and other project events or products that we can share with the greater DR K-12 community.

8How do I update my online profile and project information? You can always send updates to cadre@edc.org. If you would like to update the information yourself, login at http://www.cadrek12.org/user. Your username is typically your first name and last name (for ex. John Doe). If you have forgotten your password, you can reset it here.

  • Update your profile: go to your profile page, click the edit tab, then click the Member Profile button to access the profile information visible on the site.
  • Update your project information: go to your project page and click the edit tab to revise your project information.
  • To upload a resource: go to http://cadrek12.org/node/add/resource, and fill out the form (important: to affiliate the resource to your project, click the “Project or Group Affiliation” link at the bottom of the form, select your project, and click "Add Group" button).
  • To add an event: Log in and go to https://cadrek12.org/events. Click the add an event button.

Alternatively, you are welcome to send any updates to cadre@edc.org and we can make these changes for you.



1. How do you know what keywords are associated with your project? After logging in, go to your project page(s). Click edit. See "Target Audience", "Products", "Project Focus", "Project Type", and "Research & Evalution" fields at the bottom of the page. Tag appropriate keywords in these fields.


2. What are my projects? Your affiliated projects should appear on your profile page.


3. Why should I join a project? Joining a project shows that you are working on that project, it ensures that your project affiliations are accurate and it allows you to contribute to or edit that project’s profile.


4. What does it mean to be a project administrator? As project administrator, you are the owner and administrator of the project.  You can assign member titles (project roles), add members manually and remove members through the Manage Group Membership. You can also approve someone becoming a member to your project. In addition you can edit your project page information, including keywords. Note: A project can have multiple administrators.