Early Career News


Updates from CADRE Fellows, CADRE Postdocs, and DRK-12 CAREER awardees.

Racialized Spatial Imaginaries: Authoring an Elementary School Teacher of Engineering Identity | Publication

Christopher Wright, Monet Harbison, Eli Tucker-Raymond, Kareem Edouard, Sinead Meehan, Tajma Cameron (2024 CADRE Fellow), and George Schafer published this Science Education article.

Examining What and How Secondary Science Preservice Teachers Learn from Using a Suite of Online Simulations | Publication

Calli Shekell (2021 CADRE Postdoc), Jamie N. Mikeska (2010-11 CADRE Fellow), and Pavneet Kaur Bharaj published this article in the Journal of Science Teacher Education.

Developing Preservice Elementary Teachers’ Self-Efficacy Toward Teaching Science | Publication

Amal Ibourk (CAREER Awardee) and Clausell Mathis published this International Journal of Science Education article.

Design Parameter Values for Planning Mediation Studies with Teacher and Student Mathematics Outcomes | Publication

Fangxing Bai (2024 CADRE Fellow), Yanli Xie, Ben Kelcey, Amota Ataneka, Leigh McLean, and Geoffrey Phelps co-authored this article for the Journal of Research on Educational Effectiveness

Addressing Disproportionality and Racial Inequities in Special Education Through Policy Change | Publication

Brenda Barrio and Carrie D. Allen (2014-15 CADRE Fellow) published this article in Theory Into Practice.

A Case Study Comparison of Undergraduate Education and Engineering Majors’ Understanding of Community Engineering | Publication

Tina Vo (2016-17 CADRE Fellow), Rebekah Hammack, Paul Gannon, Nicholas Lux, Blake Wiehe, Miracle Moonga, and Brock LaMeres published this Journal of Science Teacher Education article.

Exploring and Promoting a Student's Covariational Reasoning and Developing Graphing Meanings | Publication

Teo Paoletti (CAREER Awardee) published this article in The Journal of Mathematical Behavior with co-authors Irma E. Stevens, Srujana Acharya, Claudine Margolis, Allison Olshefke-Clark, and Allison L Gantt.

Co-ML: Collaborative Machine Learning Model Building for Developing Dataset Design Practices | Publication

Tiffany Tseng, Matt J. Davidson, Luis Morales-Navarro, Jennifer King Chen (2018 CADRE Postdoc), Victoria Delaney, Mark Leibowitz, Jazbo Beason, and R. Benjamin Shapiro published this article for Transactions on Computing Education.

Beyond the Monolith: A Systematic Review of the Literature on Latiné/x/a/o Students in Engineering Using a Liberative Approach | Publication

Renata A. Revelo, Joel Alejandro Mejia (2013-14 CADRE Fellow), Janice Mejía, and Idalis Villanueva Alarcón published this Journal of Engineering Education article.

All Sorts of Quality Interactions with English Learners | Publication

Haiwen Chu and Guillermo Virgilio Lopez (2022 CADRE Fellow) co-authored this article for Mathematics Teacher: Learning and Teaching PK-12.

Unlocking the Everdoor: Analyzing the Serious Game Spiritfarer | Publication

Noah Glaser (2021 CADRE Postdoc), Lucas Jensen, Tina Riedy, Maggie Center, Jim Shifflett, and Joseph Griffin published this article in Educational Technology Research and Development.

Thinking Critically, Coding Creatively: Elevating Social Studies Through Inquiry-based Learning and Computer Science Integration | Publication

Michael J. Berson, Ilene R. Berson, Kristen L. Franklin, Valerie N. Fawley, Perry S. Shank, Rebecca E. Dovi, Santiago Gasca (2017-18 CADRE Fellow), Eric D. Hochberg, and Debra Bernstein published this article in Social Education.

CTE Mechanisms: The Effects of Career and Technical Education Center Admissions Offers in Baltimore | Publication

Jay Plasman (2015-16 CADRE Fellow) published this Educational Evaluation and Policy Analysis article with co-authors Marc L. Stein, Rachel E. Durham, and Zyrashae Smith-Onyewu.

Conceptualizing Community Scientific Literacy: Results from a Systematic Literature Review and a Delphi Method Survey of Experts | Publication

K. C. Busch (2013-14 CADRE Fellow) and Aparajita Rajwade published this Science Education article.

Comprehensiveness, Frequency, and Consistency of Science in Elementary Schedules | Publication

Elizabeth A. Davis and Christa Haverly (2018-19 CADRE Fellow) co-authored this Science & Children article.

Community Gardens as Places for Ecological Caring in Action | Publication

Amal Ibourk (CAREER Awardee), Lauren Wagner, Deb Morrison, Syrena Young, and Justin Milledge published this article in Science & Children.

Children Communicating Care Through Curiosity Walks: Using Scientific Practices to Cultivate Knowledge About Climate Justice | Publication

Kathleen Schenkel (2016-17 CADRE Fellow) published this Science & Children article with co-authors Cassie J. Brownell and Jon M. Wargo.

Supporting Students with Blindness and Visual Impairments to Learn Computational Thinking Through Astronomy | Publication

Eric D. Hochberg, James K. L. Hammerman, and Santiago Gasca (2017-18 CADRE Fellow) published this article in the Journal of Blindness Innovation and Research.

Socioscientific Modeling: Helping Students See Systems and Understand Messy Issues | Publication

Eric A. Kirk (2023 CADRE Fellow) published this Science Scope article with co-authors Troy D. Sadler, Zhen Xu, Jamie N. Elsner, Rebecca R. Lesnefsky, Li Ke, and Laura Zangori.

Real-World Scenarios Value Community and the Climate | Publication

Helen Francis and Susan O. Cannon (CAREER Awardee) published this article in Mathematics Teacher: Learning and Teaching PK-12.

“Educational Facials”: A Healing Tool for the Beautiful Struggle | Publication

Kari Kokka (CAREER Awardee) and Michelle Cody co-authored this Education Sciences article.

“Each Day I Find Ways to Fight for My Students”: Black Science Teachers as Advocates and Abolitionists | Publication

Vanessa N. Louis (2022 CADRE Fellow) and Natalie S. King published this Equity & Excellence in Education article.

Designing Educative Curriculum Materials for Teacher Educators: Supporting Preservice Elementary Teachers’ Content Knowledge for Teaching About Matter and Its Interactions | Publication

Deborah Hanuscin, Emily Borda, Josie Melton (2017-18 CADRE Fellow), and Jamie N. Mikeska (2010-11 CADRE Fellow) published this article in the International Journal of Science and Mathematics Education.

Beyond Niceties: Urban Black and Latiné High School Students’ Racially and Culturally Situated Perceptions of Care | Publication

Patricia Buenrostro (2018-19 CADRE Fellow) and Monica L. Miles published this article in The Urban Review.