SmartGraphs Contest!

About: SmartGraphs is free, open source software that helps students understand graphs and concepts represented in graphs (e.g., slope, velocity, half-life, global warming).

Contest Info: The Concord Consortium is running a contest for teachers, educators, researchers and developers to create new SmartGraphs activities and compete to win one of several prizes. Activities can be submitted as storyboards or as software (created with the online authoring system). A demonstration of the SmartGraphs software, and features of the authoring system, is available here: Authoring Demo. Further information about the contest can be found at Contest entries are due by March 15.

Concord is also making the authoring system available to any NSF-funded project that wants to incorporate Web-based SmartGraphs activities into its work. Activities run directly in a browser, so there is nothing to download or install.

See for details about SmartGraphs.