Next Generation Alliance For Science Educators Toolkit

California State University East Bay’s Next Generation Alliance for Science Educators Toolkit (Next Gen ASET), DRK12 Award # 1418440 was selected this past year by the Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching at Stanford to serve as one of six national inaugural STEM-focused Improvement Science pilot sites.
Additionally, this work will be showcased in the National Science Teachers Association Thought Leadership film series, in which NSTA TV profiles a number of leading organizations promoting science education and research and nurturing science education research talent.
Guided by Improvement Science principles, Next Gen ASET’s interdisciplinary team of researchers and K-20 educators have been working collaboratively on a highly focused program of NGSS education research tightly coupled with 3-dimensional teaching practice.  Rapid iterative improvement cycles were used to develop, systematically analyze, and continuously improve NGSS tools that support faculty working with pre-service teachers.
In June of 2016, Next Gen ASET will launch its Network Improvement Community of researchers and education practitioners representing universities in California and across the country in a collective action across educational settings that promotes long-term scaling and continuous improvement of these tools.
For more information, contact: Dr. Rachelle DiStefano, Next Gen ASET PI and Director, Science Education Research, Institute for STEM Education, California State University East Bay at or