Dissemination Toolkit: Analytics

Analytics iconData, data, data. Determine how well your website, Facebook page, tweets, video, or email is performing and compare posts, content, and views over time.

This SEDL resource provides Dissemination Evaluation Strategies and Options.

Email Analytics

Email Analytics: The 6 Email Marketing Metrics & KPIs You Should Be Tracking
Constant Contact, MailChimp, and similar email services collect data you can access to track how your email campaigns have performed. Hubspot describes six metrics you should be paying attention to (at a minimum).

Email Marketing Benchmarks
Wondering how you're doing in comparison to others? See MailChimp’s average industry email stats.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics
Get started with Google Analytics by signing up on this site.

Analytics Help
Google provides resources to help you learn how to use Google Analytics successfully.

20 Must-Know Tips & Tricks to Master Google Analytics Data
This Hongkiat article tells you what to look for in your data and explains terms used in Google Analytics.

10 Actionable Google Analytics Tips
For the more advanced Google Analytics user.

Measuring Social Media Impact

Know What’s Working on Social Media: 19 Free Social Media Analytics Tools
Monitor your social media activity by using one of these analytical tools, compiled by Buffer Social.

Facebook Insights
Learn how to get started and use Facebook's Insights, which tracks post metrics and user engagement.

Twitter Analytics
Twitter Analytics tracks tweet impressions, mentions, profile visits, and more. 

Video Analytics

YouTube Analytics Basics
YouTube Help explains how to use YouTube Analytics.

8 Ways to Track YouTube Video Performance
Social Media Examiner explains eight ways to dive into your YouTube Insights.

Access to Vimeo stats depends on your Vimeo plan.