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Julie Libarkin
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Associate Professor
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I am an Associate Professor at Michigan State University, Director of the Geocognition Research Lab in the Department of Geological Sciences, and Associate Director for Educational Research for the Center for Integrative Studies in General Science. I am also affiliated with MSU's Cognitive Science Program and Environmental Science and Policy Program. Currently, my research focuses on cognition, assessment, and spatial visualization, including the nature of expertise, and includes collaborative research on working memory capacity, visualization, and climate change cognition.
Earth Science

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Confronting the Challenges of Climate Literacy (Collaborative Research: McNeal)

Karen McNeal, Mississippi State University (MSU), Michigan State University (MSU), North Carolina State University (NC State)
This project is developing inquiry-based, lab-focused, online Climate Change EarthLabs modules as a context for ongoing research into how high school students grasp change over time in the Earth System on multiple time scales. This project examines the challenges to high-school students' understanding of Earth's complex systems, operating over various temporal and spatial scales, and by developing research-based insights into effective educational tools and approaches that support learning...