June 2010 Webinar

Watch our webinar online if you weren't able to attend:


What's in the webinar (in case you would like to skip to the section that you're curious about):

Time             Topic
0:00-3:14     Brief overview of what the site's features are
3:14-11:15   How to edit your project
3:14-3:49     How to become a member of a project
4:49-5:14     How to add an organization to the site (note: most orgs have already been added)
5:36-8:40     Keywords: what these are and how you edit them
8:55-11:02   How to add project staff to your project's member list
11:02-11:15  How to make someone an Admin on the site (someone who can edit your project info)
11:44-14:20  How to edit your member profile
12:38-13:58  Privacy settings
12:49-13:17  Colleagues
14:26-18:25  Project Smart Search
18:26-21:33  Groups
20:01-20:41  How to join a group
20:36-21:33  How to add content (ex. Wiki)
23:33-25:30  Question: How should collaborative projects showcase their work on the website?
25:34-29:38  Question: How do we know how effective the website is?
29:44-30:27  Closing