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As the resource network for the National Science Foundation's Discovery Research in K-12 Program (DR K-12), CADRE promotes and shares many resources about and written by the National Science Foundation. Below, you can find: 


DR K-12 Program

NSF Proposal Writing Toolkit
NSF Proposal Writing ToolkitWriting an NSF DR K-12 proposal? This toolkit provides resources tools, guidelines, and helpful links for proposal development, including dear colleague letter opportunities, program solicitations and informational webinars, Fastlane FAQs, the most up-to-date PAPPG, portfolio information, mentoring plan tips, and more.

CAREER Program

2016 NSF CAREER Program Webinar Resources (2016)
The 2016 NSF CAREER Program Informational Webinar was held Tuesday, March 15, 2016, at 3:00 PM EST. The Faculty Early Career Development (CAREER) Program is a Foundation-wide activity that offers the National Science Foundation's most prestigious awards in support of junior faculty who exemplify the role of teacher-scholars through outstanding research, excellent education and the integration of education and research within the context of the mission of their organizations. Hosted by CADRE, this webinar provided an informational overview of the program with perspectives from the NSF and PIs on active CAREER grants.

Other NSF EHR Programs

Upcoming DRL EHR Solicitation Deadlines
View a list of upcoming NSF Directorate of Education & Human Resources funding opportunities.



2017 NSF Nuts & Bolts Webinar Resources (2017)
In this webinar, NSF Program Officer Rob Ochsendorf introduces DR K-12 awardees to the ins and outs of NSF DR K-12 project management.

NSF Prospective New Awardee Guide (January 2017) (2017)
Effective as of January 2017, NSF's Prospective New Awardee Guide includes information on federal requirements, NSF points of contact and frequently asked questions, grantee standards, and indirect costs.

Proposal and Award Policies and Procedures Guide (NSF 18-1)
The PAPPG details NSF’s proposal preparation and submission guidelines, and provides guidance on managing and monitoring the award and administration of grants and cooperative agreements made by the Foundation. The webinar will provide an overview of significant changes and clarifications to the PAPPG that will take effect on January 29, 2018. View a webinar overview of updates to the 18-1 PAPPG.

Submit NSF project reports (annual and final), notifications & requests through research.gov. Learn more about project reports here.

Communicating About Your Work

Communicating Your Story
A National Science Foundation resource which includes a checklist of research accomplishments you should be sharing with NSF. It also includes information on communicating effectively, speaking to the public, and simplifying data.

Science Communication Toolkit for Principal Investigators
NSF offers this interactive toolkit in Prezi on why you should communicate about your NSF-funded research and how. See also the non-interactive version

User-Friendly Handbook for Project Dissemination: Science, Mathematics, Engineering, and Technology Education
This handbook was written by the National Science Foundation to provide principal investigators and project evaluators with a basic understanding of dissemination, as well as dissemination guidelines.

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Other NSF EHR Networks

Explore the following sites, developed to support grantees in other NSF programs: